• Dear Sir, I want to thank you and your company for the sterling efforts made on our behalf on Christmas Eve, when we called you out to deal with burst water pipes in our loft. The promptness of your response, and the time spent here to rectify the problem were much appreciated. I particularly want to say a big "thank you" to Keith whose attention went far beyond the call of duty; when he learned that the diocese of York - it being Christmas Eve - had no help to offer with regard to Vax-suction machines and dehumidifiers, he lent us this equipment from his own garage. I think that's marvellous. I know Angela, our churchwarden here, values the work you did for our church in Tockwith, and I want to endorse that with the work you did here at the Vicarage on Christmas Eve. Many, many thanks. Yours faithfully, Rev. M.R.Shaw. 28th December 2010

  • Dear Sirs, Thank you again Tony, Sean and Robert for a superb job! We appreciate the skill and attention to detail that went in to everything from original spec, through to final commissioning. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the market for a replacement oil tank or engineering work. Yours sincerely, Mr Stride. 10th November 2011
  • Dear Sirs, We wish to thank you for your services, which are much appreciated and greatly enhance the facilities of our premises. Yours faithfully Mr W. Higginbottom 21st June 2011
  • Thank you for your immediate response to our broken pipework. St Peters Church-Kirkthorpe 24th February 2009.
  • The work was undertaken by a good natured, hardworking and efficient engineer whose name I have unfortunately I have forgotten. Yours Faithfully Val Rodger.
  • May we thank you guys for the prompt action initially installing a temporary tank and also the works done on installation of a new tank all went extremely smoothly with limited impact. Yours Faithfully Mrs. S.M.De'att 17th April 2008
  • During the week commencing 2nd November Terry and Kevin from your company visited my property on three occasions to repair the heating system and I felt I had to let you know how grateful I was for the efforts they made on my behalf. They were professional, concerned for my welfare and very efficient, as were the staff in the office. Sadly, it is very rare today to get such good service from a company, especially as I live in a rented property and I am not the direct customer. So when it happens I felt that I had to let you know how much I appreciated the service I received from your company. Yours Faithfully J.Matthews 14th November 2009
  • Just a short note to say many thanks for installing the heating pipes and radiators for the heating system at such short notice, the 48 children who came to the party on Saturday appreciated the warm atmosphere and had lots of fun. Once again thanks Roger, from all at St Andrew Church, Paul 7th December 2009
  • Many thanks for all your help, we now can give a warm welcome to all who pass through our doors. Yours Sincerely Liz Pearson
  • The central heating is very good; everyone is pleased with the system, even though some people's concerns are now that it's too warm at times. On behalf of everyone at St.Andrews, thanks very much, especially to James and Craig. Yours Sincerely Shaun
  • Thank you to Byfield Heating for the excellent way you have replaced our heaters, we are very pleased with them and we look forward to a warmer church in the winter. Thank you for sponsoring me on my walk I raised £920 towards the cost of the heating. Kind Regards D.Clay 2nd June 2010

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