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Church Heating Installations & Maintenance

The core of our success can be attributed to the unfailing commitment to quality in both materials and workmanship. The sympathetic approach to working in an architectural rich environment has won many accolades from heritage and ecclesiastical architects and PCC's alike throughout the north of England.

Our proficiency in the design and installation of heating systems is reflected in the great number of churches, private schools and country houses enjoying the benefits of properly heated surroundings. This most desirable state of affairs not only favours the occupants but is also instrumental in preserving the fabric of these buildings by helping to guard against the detrimental effects of both thermal shock and internal condensation.

For several years Byfield Heating Ltd has felt proud and privileged to work closely with heating advisors on the York, Wakefield and Bradford Diocesan Advisory Committees. Being involved with these bodies and having a positive input into important decisions that affect our heritage is a constant source of satisfaction and pride.

Our philosophy is to provide installations designed to meet the needs of our customers, which means we lead the way in the development of new features for heating systems. Indeed, many of our competitors utilise technology initially researched and developed by Byfield Heating Ltd.

All materials used on our systems are approved to meet exacting European standards relating to quality, safety, efficiency and the environment. Furthermore, our design, installation, commissioning and after sales service is certified and accredited by both GAS SAFE and OFTEC.

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